About This Project

The five stages of teething can be challenging for babies and their parents: lack of sleep, cranky attitudes, and multiple changes of clothes in a 24 hour period. As parents, we do everything we can to help our little darlings move past this stage comfortably… while maintaining our own sanity. Monsieur Drooley was inspired by my son, Samuel Lincoln. As his little teeth erupted from underneath his gums, I spent countless hours soothing him with story time, cuddling him tightly, and wiping the excessive drool cascading from his perfectly tiny mouth.

Monsieur Drooley and the Drought is a story about an old man who takes his greatest weakness and makes it his greatest strength. Set in the magical land of Loire Valley, this delightful tale takes the reader through the village of Chinon, where villagers are frantic about the possibility of losing their crops—especially their world renowned grapes!

This children’s book is geared towards parents who understand the potential tragedy of losing all the grapes in Loire Valley. I hope this story gets you through the teething stage with a little light-hearted humor!