Leaders. Social Entrepreneurs. Innovators. Mentors

Leadership begins with knowing the world can be a better place and that creating a better place begins in our own back yard.

The women leading these organizations have taken action to challenge the status quo in American and beyond. There are countless organizations making an impact — these are a few j. jane favorites.

Dr. Jennifer Jacobs | Connect Our Kids

Dr. Jennifer Jacobs, a nuclear scientist, read an article in TIME magazine about a successful technique being used around the country to identify permanent families for foster children. When she learned these efforts were performed using Google searches along with collecting data on Excel Spreadsheets, she quickly took action.

Connect Our Kids is a privately funded organization collaborating with the public and private sectors to improve foster care outcomes. Their Family Connections tool helps social workers, family recruiters, and CASA volunteers find permanent families and/or mentors for every child in neeed. (Think Facebook meets Ancestry.com for finding champions for kids.)

Connect Our Kids is sharing Family Connections with America’s child welfare professionals in order to streamline foster care processes, and allow these professionals to focus on doing what they do best—helping children and their families.

Estella Pyfrom | Estella’s Brilliant Bus

At the age of 70, Estella Pyfrom decided to spend her retirement on educating America’s youth. Join this amazing woman and her effort to bring technology to children on Estella’s Brilliant Bus. Read her story on 
j. jane and visit Estella’s Brilliant Bus to learn more.

Tricia Carlisle Northcutt | Children’s Volunteer Health Network

Tricia joins the j. jane conversation and shares her passion for helping uninsured and under insured children get the healthcare, dental, and mental care—at no cost to their families. Learn more about how you can help Tricia accomplish her mission with the Children’s Volunteer Health Network.

Eva Mozes Kor | CANDLES Holocaust Museum

Forgiveness Advocate and Holocaust Survivor, Eva Mozes Kor dedicated her life to education, healing, and respect. Eva traveled the world educating and inspiring human kind. Visit her at CANDLES Holocaust Museum and learn how you can help. Prior to her passing, Eva joined the j. jane conversation and inspired us to gracefully forgive.