Communication is Everything

I work hard to maintain open lines of communication in an effort to create positive experiences and successful outcomes. Below are just a few thoughts from clients. Feel free to contact me for additional references.

It was our pleasure to work with Jessica Stern. She created a much-needed social media presence and developed concise marketing plans for our living-history museum. She is creative, organized, and energetic and has a tremendous work ethic. Her knowledge of marketing and social media is outstanding which helped us attract over 3,000 visitors in the first year of our newest event, Hops in the Park, without using paid advertising. When Jessica decided to leave Henricus, she gave us extended notice and even developed a detailed plan of action for staff at Henricus to follow going forward. This was above and beyond any requests or requirements from us and was truly appreciated. She is a true professional and will be a great asset to any organization fortunate to gain her services.

  •      Charlie Grant, Executive Director at Henricus Historical Park

Jessica effectively managed over 200 campaign volunteers, exceeding even our lofty expectations. She truly put a face and character on our candidacy in ways that are nearly impossible to adequately explain. Jessica has amazing interpersonal gifts that elevate her amongst any peer group assembled. I look forward to taking on future challenges with her at our side.

  •      Craig Barker, Former Mayor of Destin and candidate for State Representative

I have had the honor and privilege to work with Jessica in numerous community service activities over the years. She has been a leader in the Kiwanis Club of Destin holding a variety of leadership positions, including vice-president during a time in which the president was unable to perform his duties on regular bases. She is an effective organizer, exceptional speaker, leader, and consensus builder. She has served as a mentor, major fund raiser, and community organizer. The culmination of her many talents came together when she organized, led, managed, and directed “Give Big Destin,” a major fundraiser that involved a multi-county area in Northwest Florida and attracted national attention. She is an exceptional public servant and volunteer dedicated to enhancing the lives of others and building a stronger community.

  •      Bill Head, Manager of Physician Services, Fort Walton Beach Medical Center

A letter to former Mayor of Destin: “I have always had an interest in volunteering for causes I believe in, and have been fortunate enough to be part of many great efforts over the years. In my experience, I have encountered countless volunteer coordinators, but I must tell you that Jessica stands head and shoulders above the group. Every time she emailed or spoke to me, she always made it a point to thank me. It may sound odd to note something so seemingly small, but appreciation means a lot to someone donating his or her time—and trust me, it does not happen in every volunteer case. As well, her exuberance and passion for your campaign was simply contagious. I can honestly say her gracious attitude and willingness to communicate got twice as much effort out of me, and I am sure such is the case with many of the other volunteers. Again, it was an honor to support you guys, but it also was a day-to-day pleasure working with Jessica. I just wanted you to know that as the front line of your campaign, Jessica was outstanding.

  •      Lori Eckert, Campaign Volunteer

It would be hard pressed to find a more caring and hardworking individual. No matter what time of day or night I called for information or assistance, Jessica displayed a positive “can-do” attitude and never seemed to run out of energy. She is bright, enthusiastic, and talented. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to get things done. Needless to say, Jessica is definitely one that I would pick to be on my team. She is phenomenal!

  •      Lucy Kisela, Campaign Volunteer