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Monsieur Drooley and the Drought

Around 6-months-old, my husband started to call Samuel “Dr. Drooley.” As our boy gnawed his way through the corners of his clothes, blankets, toys, and our fingers, he left notable trails of drool. To keep him calm, I rocked and read to him. Many parents know the teething stage is not super easy with the wardrobe changes, cranky days and sleepless nights. In the end, we get teeth and that’s pretty awesome. But it’s Samuel’s drool I will remember forever.

The story is set in Loire Valley, the magical land in France that boasts the perfect climate and soil for producing some of the world’s most flavorful wines. Yes;I wrote a children’s book about a drought threatening wine production in France. I think it’s safe to say that sipping a little wine through the teething stage helps the whole world stay sweet.

Monsieur Drooley has a French glossary – teach the kiddos French!

M. Drooley is also about shame and bullying. It is meant to illustrate that we all have a purpose.

Hey mamas! Read Monsieur Drooley, sip a glass of wine, and rest assured … this drool shall pass.

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The Josephine Jane and the Illuminating Locket Series

Based on the blog, the j. jane project — which highlights diverse careers and aims to share inspirational stories of female leadership  —  Josephine Jane does the same for young readers.

This smart, young orphan inspires curiosity through her global travels as she learns what it is like to work in fields ranging from first responders, military, government, science, math, medicine, the arts, and so much more!

In each book, Josephine Jane meets a female mentor in a new career field. From the streets of Richmond, Virginia to NASA’s Orion spacecraft, to a U.S. Navy ship, and many others, the young Josephine Jane learns about many different career opportunities that await her.

This series was created to help children grow into adulthood with confidence and purpose. With nearly eight million children living in orphanages around the world, many kids do not get to image a life outside of their current circumstance. The Josephine Jane series aims to inspire a lifetime of learning, growing, and achieving.

Audrey Finney

The characters in these books have been brought to life by Audrey Finney.

Illustrator, Audrey Finney

Audrey is a Virginia native that has lived and traveled all around the country. She grew up with two artists as parents, who helped her grow in her creativity. Audrey’s other passions include her illustrations, art, and travel. She puts a lot of her life’s experiences into her artwork to brings stories to life. Audrey hopes to help create excitement and inspiration to children through her creative images.