diane thaemert.

parkville, missouri.  |  artist. owner at two charming chix. sister. mother. wife. aunt. friend.

If you glance at the small business category under the “Interviews” page on the j. jane website, it becomes clear that promoting small business is a passion of mine. Why would you purchase from big business when you can support your talented sisters, aunts and friends? You wouldn’t, right?

Allow me to introduce you Kramer’s (my dearest friend) Aunt Diane, a small business owner in Missouri. Along with her creativity, Diane inspires those around her with her genuine warmth and great sense of humor. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and in an effort to encourage you to support small business — I feature a favorite Midwestern aunt.

How did you choose the life you lead and was it a conscious decision?

I am very independent and I used my independence to find my path. I am not afraid to try something new to see if it is a path worth continuing on.

What is Two Charming Chix? And how old were you when you started this crafty business?

I started Two Charming Chix in 2004. It originally was a combination of two friends, but a couple years into the project, my partner’s husband got transferred back to their hometown 5 hours away. So she pulled back. I carried the business solo, until my husband lost his contract job (all contractors were released). When he reluctantly told me I cheered, “thank goodness, because I need your help!” He knows how to solder from making stained glass lamps back in the ’70s.  I pride myself in creating a great product and offer a quick turn around so I stay incredibly busy.  I am grateful for my husband’s time and talent. We make a great team!

Two Charming Chix boasts that all your items are made in America. Why is this important?

We try to buy as much USA-made products to make our charm necklaces, including our ball chain. There are a few items we can’t buy in the U.S. but its minimum. We need to keep our fellow American employed.

As Mothers Day approaches, can you share a few clever, yet affordable gift ideas?

I believe custom, personalized gifts are the best. And, of course, we do a great amount of custom work. Think about giving your mother (and / or in-law) a charm with her grandchildren’s picture inside, and place a verse about being a grandmother on the back. Perhaps all the friends in your quilt group, reading group or sorority would appreciate matching charms. Do you have a friend that is crazy for a ball team? Have a charm necklace made for her to wear on game day. Does your friend love her dog, horse or cat? I can make a charm made of those beloved animals. Just send us a digital image and we create a unique gift for you. Does mom have a alma mater that she supports? We can make a unique university charm for her! There are so many wonderful things we can create for the women who shaped us into who we are today. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

You have an awesome ride ahead of you. Enjoy each experience.

If you had to grab 2 items out of your closet before it caught on fire, what would you take?

My New Balance shoes and my bras. I finally purchased awesome bras and not at Victoria Secrets… I now wear the fancy European models. I’ve become attached to the quality.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My son, hands down. He is one of the finest people I know and will ever know.

What is your best advice on how to live a graceful life?

The glass is half full. So grab some ice and tea, and drink up all the beauty there is in the world. There is a reason for everything and always look for the silver lining. If you look at the world with negativity, then negativity is what you shall find. BE POSITIVE.

j-jane side notes:

Connect with Aunt Diane on Facebook and check out her store at Two Charming Chix.

  • Kelly Alcock
    Posted at 12:45h, 30 March

    Love my Auntie Di!

  • Pie McCall
    Posted at 07:30h, 31 March

    Diane also supports the locals when it comes to restaurants and shopping. She’s as thoughtful as she is successful which makes for a great neighbor and friend! .

  • Mary Dhalz Ott
    Posted at 14:19h, 31 March

    Nothing but positivity with this lady! She is awesome!