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Like many women, Felicia McQuaid wears many hats. She is an educator, author, and small business owner. She is an energy specialist, transformational healer, motivational speaker, and spiritual counselor. But the impression she leaves you with after a candid conversation is that she is a triumph! Simply put, Ms. McQuaid is a survivor turned thriver and her positive energy is contagious.

Along with two younger siblings, Felicia McQuaid was born to a young mother in Kansas. Their father was a poor man who did not stay in the picture very long. A few years after the two split, her mother remarried, a life-changing event for the entire family, especially for the young nine-year old girl.

The new figure that was supposed to provide and protect turned into a real-life monster for the young girl. Her mother’s new husband began to sexually abuse Felicia. Her silent suffering went on for three years until the truth was dragged into the light. However, once Felicia garnered the courage to speak her truth — she was ignored. The truth that could have stopped the pain and allowed for healing to begin did the opposite. And in an effort to keep the peace, Felicia was removed from her family’s home and placed into foster care, an experience that sheltered her physically and emotionally, yet left her feeling lonely and abandoned. Felicia returned home at the age of 15, but her stepfather was still there. She immediately packed her bags and set off out into the world alone.

And while this experience alone is enough to cripple the human spirit, Felecia McQuaid offered forgiveness and began the process of healing herself. Now, she dedicates her life to helping others do the same. Most recently, she published a book entitled Uncommon Faith, and aims to help others heal from past hurts and move forward to live productive and healthy lives.

Ms. McQuaid believes in the potential within each individual to grow, learn, and heal. Felicia has been working as a holistic practitioner for nearly 15 years and she shares her vast knowledge of the body, mind and spirit with others inside of her practice at THE Healing Clinic of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

When I asked Felicia why she chose to share her story, she replied, “If I am able to heal from this trauma, then this type of healing is available for the whole world. How can I not share that?”

Was there a fork in the road that distinctly determined your lifestyle and/ or career?

At the age of 28, I hit a wall. I began having severe back pain that was debilitating me and would not be ignored. I started seeing Doctors, chiropractors, massage therapist anything that I could think of that would get me out of pain. I was prescribed a heavy dose of pain pills, muscle relaxers and anti-depressants which only seemed to be masking the pain that I felt. A diagnosis or cause could not be found.

One day, literally flat on my back in excruciating pain I surrendered. I prayed for relief, I prayed for help. I knew that something had to change. My life was in state of misery, I felt anger, pain and fear. I pushed all those that loved me away and that was only adding to the physical pain.

After that day, I began my quest for relief. I asked for help and help came in the form of the yoga. It was the answer to my prayer. I found a teacher and began the process of unraveling, physically and emotionally. What I discovered was that the pain I was carrying was the pain of my difficult past and it would not be ignored any longer. I started yoga in 2000 and that began a new path for me. A path of healing and self- discovery which led me to all the practices that I know teach and offer today.

What has been your greatest obstacle in life and how do/did you navigate it?

The greatest obstacle of my life was my childhood. I grew up with a lot of difficulty, abuse, abandonment, foster homes and out on my own at a young age. This is what my newest book is about: “Uncommon Faith: The journey from difficulty to divine purpose.” In my book I share these experiences of my past and how in order to live on purpose I needed to heal from them. My past was my stumbling block, my greatest obstacle until I healed and transformed the stumbling blocks into stepping- stones that have carried me to new heights of success and transformation.

Through all the trauma, was there anyone who influenced you for the good?

Yes. The most influential person in my life was my grandmother, Helen. We lived with her off and on during my childhood. She believed me. And she really loved me — I felt that from her.

What are your relationships like with your family?

While I forgive my mother, I don’t have a relationship with her. We just don’t connect. However, my sister and I talk.

Let’s talk shop. Can you explain the difference between Reiki, Theta Healing, and Pranic Healing?

Each of these practices are different systems and techniques that deal with energy and the way an individual responds and relates to life.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for creating balance. It is a spiritual based energy.

Rei means spiritual consciousness

Ki means energy

Reiki is the conscious connection and movement of spiritual energy within an individual. Reiki is somewhat like pouring fresh water into a container and in that the old flows over. “The old” is the energy that no longer serves us, the energy that causes imbalance. The energies of stress, worry, fear and pain. When you let go of the old, something new can happen. The something new is joy, peace, love and happiness and when you experience this types of energies balance is felt.

Theta Healing is a system developed and trademarked by Vianna Stibal. ThetaHealing® is a therapeutic self-help guide to develop the ability to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using the Creator of all That Is.

In Theta Healing an individual examines the belief systems that hold them back from accessing and operating from their purest potential.

Using the analogy of a computer, Theta healing would shift the operating programs of the individual, the belief systems that control behaviors, levels of wellness etc. The practitioner connects to the CREATOR of all that is and downloads and/or upgrades the beliefs that hold someone back and also serves to remove the programs that no longer serve them.

Pranic Healing is a no touch technique of energy healing. Master Choa Kok Sui is the modern day originator of Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing is the use of breath, vital life force and higher life force to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. The practitioner scans the client’s energy field and tries to alleviate congested or negative energy. The energy field is then recharged or replenished with positive and well natured energy.

Pranic Healing utilizes the “prana” or energy that exists all around. Energy to us is like fish swimming in water. The fish does not know it is swimming in water but that does not change that it is. We are “swimming” in energy, this energy is within everything, the earth and all things alive, it is in the air we breathe. Prana is what animates an individual, it there when we are alive and leaves us when we depart this life.

Who are your clients and what are they trying to accomplish?

My clients come from all walks of life. I would say they are attempting to accomplish what we all want: health, happiness, joy, contentment, freedom from pain, harmony. Balance=health=harmony. Harmony is a state of being that allows each of us to be unique and yet co-exist with everyone around them peacefully and in a state of well-being.

Did anyone discourage you from choosing your career path? If so, how did you navigate through that?

I have never been one to let anyone hold me back. Once I experienced healing and clarity through these practices, I knew that I was meant to share them with others. My own healing was great and amazing, but I know there was a bigger reason to heal. If one person can heal, then the potential for healing exists for us all. No one can tell me they do not work because I know it from my own experience.

The Buddha says it best: “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Generally speaking, human beings have created a constant state of busy. We are always busy — moving, doing, accomplishing. What should we be doing every day to center or relax?

In order to stay centered, we must remember the importance of connection to “our center”. Our center is the state of being that exists behind all the busyness. We are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. It is essential to find time for quiet, prayer, meditation, gratitude and contentment. Things of the world come and go, to manage the ebbs and flows of life we need to connect to the calm abide of our spirit.

This can be done simply. Each morning as you arise: Take a deep breathe in and out and then repeat and repeat. Make a conscious connection to yourself through the breath. Instead of allowing your day to control you, create an intention for your day. An intention is conscious decision about the day you want to have and allows you to decide what you will do to create that day. “Today I will be grateful for the many blessings in my life.” This type of intention shapes your thoughts and actions around gratitude. It can change your entire day and your experience of that day.

What is your best advice on how to live a graceful life?

Grace is an energy that makes things better. To live a grace-filled life make your world a better place. If you have the choice between being right or being kind, choose kindness. If you have the choice between anger and love, choose love. If you have the choice between fear and faith, choose faith. The key is to KNOW you have a choice. Grace is the key to moving with the highs and lows of life and yet knowing that is all perfect just as it is.

j. jane side notes:

There are countless stories of sexual abuse in the world {Bill Cosby comes to mind…} and I often wonder why it is so difficult for some to believe those who are speaking up. It happens every. single. day. The only shame in these stories is the lack of support we give those who have been preyed upon. I am grateful to Felicia and the many others who are courageous enough to keep the dialog going. It is the only way to healing.

To learn more about Felicia’s healing practice visit The Healing Clinic Fort Walton Beach.

Check out her newest book Uncommon Faith: The journey from difficulty to divine purpose.

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